A 20% solids bentonite grouting material with excellent sealing and setting

BENSEAL/EZ-MUD SLURRY, manufactured by Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, is a 20% solids bentonite grouting material with excellent sealing abilities along with minimal settling characteristics when used to grout the borehole annulus in a geothermal wellfield application.

This grout is a two-step process requiring the addition of an EZ-Mud polymer to the water before mixing in the bentonite grout. This bentonite grout can be more difficult to pump than a one-step grout and has a shorter pumping time before setting up.

Thermal Conductivity 0.43 BTU/hr ft °F
Permeability 1.2 X 10-8 cm/s
Yields 26.3 gallons per 50 lb. bag

Shrink wrapped and palletized 48 – 50 lb. bags/pallet

As a service to our contractors, we calculate grout volumes and include an accurate project materials list in all our quotes. Our on-site warehouse is inventoried for on-demand shipping directly to your job site. For ease in handling, our products arrive at your specified location palletized and shrink wrapped.

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