A thermally conductive grout medium with low permeability

BAROTHERM GOLD, manufactured by Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, is an excellent thermally enhanced grout for use in sealing boreholes containing heat loops in geothermal wellfield applications. This grout is one of the most versatile grouting products available and requires no polymer additives.

Thermal Conductivity 0.43 – 1.20 BTU/hr ft °F with the addition of silica sand to the mix
Permeability Less than 6.9 X 10-8 cm/s
Yields 17.6 – 41.8 gallons per 50 lb. bag (depending on the desired thermal conductivity and required amount of silica sand)

Shrink wrapped and palletized 54 – 50 lb. bags/pallet

As a service to our contractors, we calculate grout volumes and include an accurate project materials list in all our quotes. Our on-site warehouse is inventoried for on-demand shipping directly to your job site. For ease in handling, our products arrive at your specified location palletized and shrink wrapped.

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