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GHP Systems, Inc. is dedicated exclusively to the commercial geothermal industry. For more than a decade, we’ve listened to our customers and have developed innovative products that make installation easier, faster and reduce costs. We know quality is what matters most over time, so we’ve designed our products to be strong and reliable with only the most trusted components.

Innovative Turnkey Products
We’ve set the industry standard by using our knowledge and expertise to develop products with enhanced features. We’ve also developed our own turnkey products that include installation components that are prebuilt by experienced, highly specialized personnel in a controlled environment. Additionally, we’ve set the industry standard by developing products with added features, but without added costs. These trademarked, turnkey products include the GeoVault®, GeoManifold® and GeoHeader®.

Industry Leading Products and Supplies On-Demand
In addition to our turnkey products, GHP Systems, Inc. offers a complete line of products with proven performance in the field. To help ensure you get what you need when you need it, we stock an on-site warehouse with materials and supplies that can be shipped to you on-demand.

Custom Fabrication
GHP Systems, Inc.’s full-line fabrication division can save you both time and money, by building reliable commercial products to your exact specifications. Our fabrication division offers contractors economical and reliable fabricated products for projects that require non-standard HDPE components.

All fabrication is performed and inspected by heat fusion certified pipe joiners who have years of custom geothermal experience. Our fabricators are also certified welders. These skills and experience allow them to provide the highest quality workmanship from start to finish, so you know your job is done right.

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