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Technical Resources

Use us as a resource. We are Earth Energy Experts—E3—having been involved exclusively in the geothermal industry for more than a decade. Our team has worked extensively in the commercial geothermal industry as contractors, researchers, geothermal training center instructors and design engineers. This broad range of experience has offered a unique perspective and expertise to manufacturing and design that has enabled GHP Systems, Inc. to pioneer many new products and techniques, while often setting the industry standard.

Look for the E3 symbol:  it directs you to our best recommendations when it comes to design, materials, and workmanship. We’ve put our expertise to work for you by developing a library of E3 resources based on our unique  perspective to make your design process easier.

Utilize our current library of Technical Information including:

Geothermal Design Fundamentals
Example Geothermal Wellfield Specifications
Engineer’s Vault Requirements Checklist

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